John Everett: On London River: Watercolour and pastel on card: 1918 Credit to Royal Museums Greenwich
The use of Dazzle patterning on warships was introduced during the First World War, not to help ships blend in with their surroundings, but to confuse U-Boat commanders as to the direction and speed of the vessels. This exhibition, curated by art historian James Taylor, will be based around paintings, prints and drawings by artists such as Wilkinson, Wadsworth, and Montague Dawson, many on loan from the Imperial War Museum, National Maritime Museum and British Museum.
DAZZLING DISTRACTIONS: McCarthy Room Friday 6 July at 5.15pm
Robyn Bolam, Hampshire Poet 2018, has published four acclaimed poetry collections, most recently, Hyem: ’an outstanding collection that gives a sense of replenishment and rejuvenation’ (Jack Little, The Lake). New work includes poetry with connections to WWII and the fascinating distractions of the natural world.
Lydia Fulleylove, a prize-winning poet, has published two collections, Notes on Sea and Land (2011) and Estuary, (2014) drawing on the landscape of the Isle of Wight, where she leads combined community arts projects. She is currently working on a collection inspired by her mother’s war diaries, written while serving in the WAAF.
FREE Poetry event by Robyn Bolam and Lydia Fulleylove
Events at ST BARBE MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY New Street, SO41 9BH T 01590 676969 W DAZZLE: Disguise and Disruption in War and Art 16 June to 23 September normal opening hours and admission admission charge applies